Coincidentally Nothing (Manafort and Cohen guilty of no Russian Collusion?)
By John Lebang August 21, 2018                                                      

                                          Let's see if I get this straight... Cohen admits under                                           threat of going to jail that he paid off two sluts, I mean                                           women... to keep their mouths shut about damaging
                                          stories they have about Donald Trump. Not Russian 
                                          collusion mind you. So that is called influencing the
                                          election? Stemming from a probe that is supposed to 
                                          be about Russian meddling in the election? Yet no connection is sighted in any of the guilty charges. 

On the same day that Manafort is
 convicted on less than half of the
 charges he was facing. Strangely
 enough, none of the charges 
Manafort was convicted on had 
anything to do with Russian 
collusion. Not a single one! In 
total Manafort was convicted of 
five counts of tax fraud, one count 
of failing to file reports of foreign 
bank and financial accounts and 
two counts of bank fraud. Did you 
see anything about Russia in there?
I didn't think so. If you boil it down 
Manafort was just trying to keep his
money. Can you blame him? 

None of us want to pay these stupid high taxes and we would all love to give the banks the finger. But I digress....

All in all, what happened here is a big fat zero when it comes to Russian collusion. Zip nada done. Robert Mueller and his so-called independent probe fired their best shot and missed the target. But don't tell the main stream media about that. No way. The headlines read " Michael Cohen pleads guilty to campaign finance violations" (CBS), "Cohen said he paid hush money at candidate Trump’s direction" (Politico), "Michael Cohen Says He Paid Off Women Who Claimed Affairs at Trump’s Direction" (New York Times).  You'd think these media sources would have the intellectual honesty to bring up the fact that none of these charges had anything to do with the charter of the Russian probe. But telling the full truth doesn't serve their political purpose.  

Now consider this :
Hillary destroyed phones and emails, 33,000 plus emails, Allowing Top Secret documents to fall into foreign hands as per James Comey's testimony

Clinton had direct connections with fusion GPS  as well as connections to Russia for dirt on trump.

Obama's administration was in charge when Russia was supposedly hacking and influencing the election. No main stream media overloaded wall to wall coverage on those stories. No high profile criminal cases looking for justice when it comes to these matters.

It's a filthy shame.. and there is so much more to add to this. But I will end it here for now.  

Thanks for reading.

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