I was sitting out this election... Until now.
By John Lebang September  27, 2018                                                      

​                                                          The bombastic action currently displayed by the Democrats is the very                                                           reason why people despise politics and politicians.. They've had more                                                           than 2 1/2 months to trot out these women and make their case to the                                                           American people. But instead the underhanded Democrat party chose                                                           to wait until the 11th hour to bring forth these allegations. Allegations                                                           that none of these women reported to law enforcement. Why? 

                                                          This disgraceful and heinous move underscores the totality of what                                                           this party holds most dear, Divide and conquer. Destroy and disrupt at all costs. Even to the detriment and destruction of our nation.  
This action could of been taken months ago. If it 
truly was for the good of those women or the country.
But they did not. They waited to inflict the most 
political damage they could. Knowing there wasn't
 enough time to properly investigate the matter. A 
matter that supposedly happened 30 plus years ago.
 But the democrat party and their accomplices in the 
main stream manufactured news were only interested
 when they were out of options,

Just when I thought they couldn't stoop any lower. 
They pull this abomination of a stunt. To make matters
even more absurd,, There are masses of brain dead 
sheeple who are falling for this nonsense and who are ready to burn the country down if Kavanaugh is confirmed. No sense of order (as we have seen in the hearings), no graceful defeat (as witnessed since the election) and no semblance of fair play. Win at all costs! This is the work of tyranny, not democracy

                                                        The plans I made to watch from the sidelines as the midterm election                                                         unfolded are no longer in play. The future of this country is at stake and                                                         must be kept out of the hands of the destructive Democrats. Any                                                         logically thinking person knows in their heart what is happening is                                                         shameless political theater at it's worst. There's a process to follow and                                                         a time period to work with. Attempting to derail the confirmation at this                                                         point by creating avoidable chaos is impish, childish and damaging to                                                         our rule of law.

Therefore, the democrats cannot be trusted with conducting the affairs of this nation on any level. They must be voted out of all levels of governments to the point of obscurity. Not doing so only endangers the well being and decency of our Republic.

So, instead of sitting out this election as planned. I'm going to be voting and it won't be for Democrats I suspect that I will not be the only one.  

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