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Furthermore, since we were going to the trouble of doing this research. We were going to weed out the trolls in the process. Those people who only appear on our posts to argue or bash us.  

  We chose to carefully craft a statement that only pointed out criminal behavior and the public support of it, as it relates to the Floyd incident of 2020. 

  We Purposely left out skin color (Which we generally adhere to as a practice, We choose to focus on behavior.) 
as well as omitting the crooked cops name from the post.
[The scumbag’s name should be forgotten not remembered].

 It’s ironic that most who separate us by skin color are the ones who claim to fight against it. 

 They continually picked at the wounds. Deepening the scars and preventing the healing process. 

 It has metastasized into a systemic infection of the nation’s body of politics. Causing cancer is left unchecked. 
 Which is has been.

by John Lebang [The John Lebang Show]
RACEBAIT: A Social Media Experiment 

    From time to time we engage in a little social media experiment. Not unlike the ones Facebook, twitter and youtube conduct on their platforms. 

  Before we delve into the results of what we found. I wanted to give a little background as to why this research was conducted.  
In conclusion, It think is is safe to say that we come to an interesting finding.    

    1) In this experiment, there's a lot more people who openly use skin color on the left than on the right.  

    2) Certain people on Facebook/Social Media will ignore posts and/or news stories.  Unless it's to attack or mock.

    3) Those same people will ignore or justify poor behavior based on skin color.  

    4) A whole lot of them will be deleted after I make sure they see this.  ;)

For privacy and protection matters we made sure to keep the participants identities a secret.  But rest assured the worse of the bunch will be removed from my friends list.   
These are the results:

Nearly three quarters of the unwitting participants interjected skin color into the conversation when it wasn’t mentioned in the post. 

    -   This is a troubling result when you consider that a vast majority         were regurgitating left wing talking points. Clearly skin color is         important to these people. If that’s not racist by today definition,         than what is?

The next largest percentage (About 15%) changed the subject to the police.

    -   Unable to argue against the post itself, they chose to deflect the         conversation onto the police officer who allegedly killed Mr. Floyd.         I use the word “allegedly” because the crooked cop hasn’t been         convicted as of the date of this report. 

    -     Also, hopefully stemming the volume of conspiratorial theories sent in my direction.

Around 10% excused the criminal behavior because of skin color.

    -   This was almost entirely made up of moderate to hard left         slanted people. Further more, They showed a blatant bias in         approval for criminal behavior as long as the right groups         commit the crimes.  

A few more claimed economic hard ship in areas with people of color.

    -   More participants are looking through the lens of skin color and         not behavior

The remaining comments varied but generally were non confrontational.

A vast majority of the commenter’s rarely, if ever, engage in any of my previous posts (upwards of 80%).

    -   This Lends some credence to the Ignoring theory above. The         others were spitting talking points straight from the malpractice         media and democrat party.

2 of the commenter’s are admitted shills for that Democrat party who routinely leave negative comments.  

A few brave souls gave the post a “like” and we even had a few shares. 

All in all the results were pretty easy to predict. Most of the people who agreed either stayed silent or just gave a like. 

The ones who  ignore a majority of my normal social media behavior were ready to inject skin color into the conversation.  That’s all they have. 

But these weren't “Right-Wing” republican types. Incredibly these were left leaning ideologists. They excused behavior at every turn. Blaming skin color for the perceived injustice 
of this country.  


2 ZERO 1 : A Simulated Event

March 14, 2020 by John Lebang of The John Lebang show

Let me begin by saying. I’m in no way diminishing the ongoing threat CODIV-19 represents to the nation and the world. It’s going to be difficult to mitigate the effects to our health system, the economy and our overall welfare. For weeks I have been preparing my listeners for this looming [Read More]

Special Report

13 : The Mark Of The Presidential Seal

Read The Report by
I won't remind you of who opposed the civil rights movement, who had the plantations and who owned a majority of the slaves before the civil war. 

The ones who used skin color in our experiment are clearly empathizing only on the surface level.  The reaction is very much different for those victims of social racism when they slaughter themselves every weekend in cities like Chicago. They are normally silent then,  

Skin color is a focus because they’re the ones who actually judge people by skin color.  
We’ve had a concern that some of our social media pages.   Either we're being ignored by our followers on those platforms or the platforms themselves were shadow banning us on some level.

In addition, we wanted to gauge the kinds of reactions we would receive.  

Were there going to be any “racist” remarks from extremists?  

Who was going to invoke skin color?  

The results are interesting to say the least.