MONDAY MARCH 9 2020 [Updated 5pm]

Oil plunges
    -    Saudi Arabia to slash its prices as it reportedly gets set to           ramp up production.
                Banger Note : Saudi's engaging in economic war against Russia & Fracking

        -    Dow plummets 2013 points , S&P sinks amid oil price war

Containment is no longer Possible
[Tribune News Service]
​        -    Broad mitigation strategies over the next few weeks 
Italy shuts down entire country
        -    60 Million Italians on quarantine lockdown

Ted Cruz self quarantines himself after CPAC
  -  After coming in contact with a person who has COVID-19    

Florida Republican Goes into quarantine after flying on Air Force One
[Daily Mail]
        -    Matt Gaetz self quarantines after coming in to contact                with a person with coronavirus.

NASA searching for astronauts for 2024 moon trip.
  -  Applications opened last week for the ‘‘Artemis generation’’       of space explorers
​   -     
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