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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus

Coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu
[The Week]
    -    At the same time, he did clarify that 10 times figure actually                brings the new coronavirus' fatality rate lower than official                  estimates, which hover around 3 percent. 

Banger Notes : Remember when the banger told you not to believe the                     Chinese numbers?  So many down played this.  But we've                     been at the for front of the reporting.   
ICE says it will take 140 years to deport illegals from border surge
[The Washington Times]
    -    Border surge over the past two years added 900,000 more cases
The latest on what's purculating in the news.
United States suspends all flights to Europe.

BANGER NOTE : Trumps sounds horse and seems to be having trouble                          breathing.   
Tests indicate coronavirus can survive in the air
[The Hill]
    -    Federally funded tests conducted by scientists from several                major institutions indicated that the novel form of coronavirus              behind a worldwide outbreak can survive in the air for several            hours.
The first US layoffs from the coronavirus are here 
[The Washington Post]
    -    At the Port of Los Angeles, 145 drivers have been laid off and              others have been sent home without pay as massive ships from          China stopped arriving