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Wartime Footing

BANGER NOTES :  Said over and over that it's a war.    
US and Canada closing world’s longest border 

    -    Temporarily close to “non-essential traffic” due to the coronavirus pandemic,                      President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

    -    U.S. equity markets were down sharply on Wednesday morning as the Trump                      administration requested an additional $45.8 billion from Congress to cover                        “unanticipated” costs incurred by government agencies responding the coronavirus            crisis.

California preparing for martial law.
[Fox 5 New York]

     -    It’s likely “few if any” California schools will reopen before                   summer break, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday

    -    Imposing martial law would take the extraordinary step of                  replacing the usual laws with military authority, with the                      possible suspension of civil liberties like freedom of association          and movement.

Banger Note : You'll see martial law in Democrat runs states to lead the                     way   
5.7-magnitude quake shakes Utah, Salt Lake airport closed
[Associated Press
    -    Residents reported feeling shaking across a 100-mile (160                  kilometer) area, with the heaviest impact in Salt Lake County,                officials said. 
"Not Bioweapon"
[Study Find]

     -    A team of international researchers have concluded that the novel coronavirus has entirely natural origins through evolution.

Banger Note : Sure it's natural.  Wink Wink ;)   Batman did it!