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Survivors speak out on illness

     -    One 25-year-old man felt like he was going to die while he had coronavirus. A 73-year-old woman didn’t even have a fever with her COVID-19 symptoms.

Banger Note : Are we sure it's one virus?  People are having different                       symptoms. 
National Guard deployed in 22 states
[Police One
    -    More than 1,500 National Guard members throughout 22 states              are assisting in the coronavirus pandemic, according to the                  Guard. Thousands more are on standby for if their states need              them.

BANGER NOTES : The sheeple couldn't do what they were asked to do.  
                       Forcing the governments to take strong actions.
                        PROBLEM (COVID 19) REACTION (People ignore                         recommendations) SOLOUTION (Government Lockdown)
Democrat Governors impose martial restrictions.
    -    Texas have so far refused to take executive action to limit large          gatherings, deferring instead to local municipalities to set their            own limitations 

BANGER NOTE : The writers of this article are trying to blame on Trump's                     administration for a lack of using dictatorial powers and                     praises the governors who have.    But the fact remains,                     Trump is not the dictator they have made him out to be.                      His administration has allowed the people of the United                     States to make up their own mind while issuing strong                     guidelines.   Of course, the sheeple & the corporations                     didn't heed the warnings.  Giving the governors the                     green light to impose martial law type restrictions in                     states like New York, California & Pennsylvania.

                    Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Topher Spiro of the USA Today are                     political hacks.  
Trump eyes two-week quarantine, only drug and grocery stores open
[Washington Examiner]

     -    President Trump, moving with haste to slow the spread of the             coronavirus, is preparing a plan to mobilize the National Guard             to help enforce a two-week quarantine of the public if his                   tough-love efforts so far fail.

Banger Note : Much more fair reporting here.   But am I the only one                     who see's the lines of civil war being drawn?