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Coronavirus almost THREE TIMES more infectious than flu
[Daily Mail
    -    One person could infect 59,000 others with COVID-19 compared to 14 with flu 

BANGER NOTES :  Yeah.   So pretty much anyone you came in contact                             with could be a carrier and helping the spread.   
                      STAY HOME!
LA County Sheriff orders gun stores to close; adds 1,300 deputies to patrol
[FOX 11]

Banger Note : Maybe gun stores aren't essential or maybe the blocking
                    people from defending themselves.
Sick Map
[John Hopkins

BANGER NOTES : Right around 14.7% of completed cases result in death.
Putin dons hazmat suit as Moscow says coronavirus outbreak is worse than it looks

     -    Russia has so far reported 495 cases of the virus, a figure that is much lower than in many European countries. One woman, who tested positive for the virus, has also died.
ONE-SICK ORDER Coronavirus spreads to at least SIX Amazon warehouses shipping packages to isolated Americans
[The US Sun]

     -    Cases have broken out at warehouses in New York City and                 Shephersville, Kentucky, as well as Jacksonville, Florida, and                 Katy, Texas.
    -     Elsewhere, there have also been cases in Brownstown,                       Michigan, and Oklahoma City.