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Banger report featured by youtuber

BANGER NOTES :    At 5:50 you see an excerpt from a recent banger report.

Trump Warns He May Quarantine New York and Other States to Stop Virus
[The New York TImes]

     -    A drastic exercise of federal power that would further restrict             travel by millions of Americans to prevent them from traveling             to other parts of the country. 

Banger Note :  The lockdown continues to grow.  Trump is looking more                      and more like a Democrat with each passing day.   
Trump issues order to bring former troops back to active duty
[The Washington Post]

     -    The decision will “allow us to mobilize medical, disaster and                 emergency response personnel to help wage our battle against           the virus by activating thousands of experienced service                     members including retirees.” 

BANGER NOTES : This plus the benefit of hindsight put into new                                   perspective why Trump wanted to make peace with the                       Taliban and bring the troups home.
State by State news on operation COVID-19

Trump backs down on NY quarantine threat after Cuomo slams president’s ‘anti-American’ coronavirus proposal
[The USA Sun]

     -    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the plan as "illegal" and a             "declaration of war."

Banger Note :  The game of propaganda is still going strong.   Cuomo is                      doing the very thing he says is "Illegal."   Remember you                      need two wings to fly the bird.