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Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Is an ‘Almost Meaningless Metric

     -     It doesn’t matter that the United States surpassed China this                week in reported Covid-19 cases because those numbers don’t            tell us how many people actually became infected in either                  country. Nor do they tell us how fast the disease is spreading,              since only a tiny portion of the population in the United States              has been tested.

BANGER NOTES : Precisely why I only use official completed cases as                            the primary metric in my reports.  There's just no way                          to calculate accurately the number of people who have                        been selected for COVID-19.  

                       Everyone thinks they're an expert now.  Yet, most are                          just repeating what confirms their belief.    Depending                          on the point of view, you'll hear simplified downplaying                        to grandiose sensationalism.  All with personal bias                            accuracy.    Although the health and medical aspects of                        the plotline are important to follow.  It's the actions of                          the governments that have captured my attention.   

                        Whatever OPERATION : COVID-19 is.   The media, The                               president, the Senate, The house of Representatives,                           governors and ABC agencies are controlling the                                   narrative and grasping for power.  

                        PROBLEM : A Virus of the body & of The Mind
                        REACTION : Panic, division, lost wealth, destruction of                           health care, food shortages, The take over of                                       industries, depression, A declared war on an "Invisible                         Enemy" ect…….
                        SOLUTION : More power for them and more debt for                               you.  

​                        Just remember the old adage :
                        "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!"

                        And they haven't.  They're not finished.   Only a few                         more pushes to go.   
Government Tracking How People Move Around in Coronavirus Pandemic
[The Wall Street Journal]

    -    The federal government, through the Centers for Disease Control          and Prevention, and state and local governments have started to          receive analyses about the presence and movement of people in          certain areas of geographic interest drawn from cellphone data

​   -    The data comes from the mobile advertising industry rather than         cellphone carriers. 

BANGER NOTES : Imagine that!  The government using a crisis to track                          people.  
Scared New York medical workers decry lack of virus protection

     -    Doctors and nurses are working around the clock caring for                 patients hit by the fast-spreading infection, risking their lives on           the front lines of the global crisis.

Banger Note :  This is where all the down players are either ignorant of                      the grave situation at our hospitals or just plainly don't                        care.   But the fact is..  There is a shortage of people and                      supplies to handle what is beginning to ravage our                              health system.    Once health workers start going down                      from being exposed it's only going to exacerbate the                            problem.   Supplies take time to create and new people                        take time to train.   exposing more people to 
                     OPERATION : COVID-19
People with Type A blood are MORE likely to catch coronavirus than those with Type O, study claims
[The Daily Mail]

     -    In the general population Type O blood (34%) is more common             than A (32%) 

    -    But in the infected this was reversed with Type O just 25% while          Type A was 41% 

BANGER NOTES : This should help put at least some of your minds at                             ease.   Unless you have Type A blood.   But this metric                         is (if true) better than just counting the number of                               inflect cases.   Since many wont be counted because                           they show mild symptoms or don't get tested.