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Bill Gates outlines 3 steps US government needs to take ‘to save lives and get the country back to work’
[Geek Wire]

     -     The Microsoft co-founder and global health expert published                his proposed plan in a Washington Post column Tuesday                      afternoon. Gates has been increasingly outspoken in recent                  days about the need to take more aggressive action in the fight            against the novel coronavirus.

BANGER NOTES : More on BG in a coming report.   Picking up on the                               clues we've been giving you?   The Daily Brew lays it                           out for the ones who want to see.

European experts ready smartphone technology to help halt coronavirus spread

    -    A group of European experts said on Wednesday they would soon        launch technology for smartphones to help trace people who had        come into contact with those infected with coronavirus, helping            the health authorities act swiftly to halt its spread.

BANGER NOTES : Isn't it amusing that control and debt out the only                                solutions for the ones who will not be named.
[Sky News]

Banger Note :  Soon it wont be just the sick.  Although our phone                                already allow tracking.  

and in a companion story...…….
What's Behind Italy's Outrageous 10% Mortality Rate From COVID-19?
[Zero Hedge]

     -    COVID-19 has been spreading in some parts of Italy since early             February. In the northern cities that have borne the brunt of                 Italy’s more than 12,000 deaths, flu mortality among people age             65 and over was 6% below a baseline from previous years. In               the cities of central and southern Italy, flu deaths were 3% off             the baseline.

Evidence of ancient rainforests found in Antarctica

    -    When dinosaurs roamed the Earth 90 million years ago, the planet         was much warmer, including Antarctica at the South Pole. But in a         surprising twist, researchers have discovered evidence that               Antarctica also supported a swampy rainforest at the time,                   according to a new study. 

BANGER NOTES : CNN is shocked that the earth was warmer and that                           Antarctica supported a swamp rainforest.   Looks like                           the Earth was doing fine with warmer temps, higher                           CO2 and more life.