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Navy relieves captain who raised alarm about coronavirus outbreak on aircraft carrier

     -     The ship, which was operating in the Pacific, pulled into port in            Guam last week several days after multiple crew members                  tested positive for the virus. 
Coronavirus patients ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors.
[Courier Journal]

    -    Two Louisville coronavirus patients and a family member have              been ordered by circuit judges to isolate and wear tracking                  devices after health officials learned they'd been in public against        medical advice.

BANGER NOTES : It's idiots like these people who are going to give the                         government reason to clamp down on everyone.  
                      Stay home and prepare
Some in US may not get stimulus checks until August
[Associated Press]

    -    The federal government expects to begin making payments to              millions of Americans  under the new stimulus law in mid-April,            but some people without direct deposit information may not get            checks until mid-August or later

Banger Note :  I bet you can't wait for the bride of $1,200.   The Debt per                     taxpayer from the stimulus is roughly $33,000.   
                    Wow! What a great deal.
Creeping Authoritarianism Has Finally Prevailed
[The Atlantic]

     -    Viktor Orbán is the prime minister of Hungary. He has been in               power since 2010. During that time, he has underinvested in                 hospitals. Instead, public money has gone to pet projects, many           of them related to the sports he enjoys.

Scientist in 'Germany's Wuhan' claims coronavirus doesn't spread as easily as thought
[Daily Star]

    -    Professor Hendrik Streeck, head virologist at the University of              Bonn, has conducted research in the small village of Heinsberg,            the site of the country's worst Covid-19 outbreak.

BANGER NOTES : Just food for thought.