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A massive wave of evictions is coming. Temporary bans won't help.
[SF Gate]

BANGER NOTE :   What's going to happen when these people are on the streets.   Step by step we're heading for a repeat of the great depression.   Someone told you that months ago.  But his name escapes me.   
Coronavirus traces found in Massachusetts wastewater at levels far higher than expected
[New York Post]

    -     Researchers from biotech startup Biobot Analytics collected                 samples from a wastewater facility for an unnamed metropolitan         area in late March, according to a report Tuesday on medRxiv.

BANGER NOTES : Remember when I told you to stock up on water?  Don't be surprized if they turn off the tap and blame it on the boggie woogie virus.
Major Meat Processors Shutting Down Plants As Employees Get Sick With COVID-19
[3 CBS Philly]

    -    Tyson, one of the world’s largest meat processors, suspended              operations at its Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant this week            after more than two dozen workers contracted Covid-19 there.

BANGER NOTE :    Better get that meat soon folks.  We're going to be                               running into shortages.  IF not full blow empty shelves                         like many other things.   They are slowly starving us                           out.  A lot of good that $1,200 will do.
Fed Is Seizing Control of the Entire U.S. Bond Market
[Yahoo Financial]

    -    There’s no other way to interpret the central bank’s sweeping              measures announced Thursday, which together provide as much          as $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy. It will wade into          the $3.9 trillion U.S. municipal-bond market to an unprecedented           degree, can now purchase “fallen angel” bonds from companies           that have recently lost their investment-grade ratings, and has             expanded its Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility to                   include top-rated commercial mortgage-backed securities and             collateralized loan obligations.

BANGER NOTE :    We are watching a hostile take over by the power                              elite in all facets of our system.   Industry, the airlines                        and our municipal-bonds.
Whitmer extends Michigan's stay-home order through April 30, adds restrictions
[The Detroit News]

    -    Beginning Friday, people aren't allowed to travel between homes          they own in Michigan or to vacation rentals, and large retail                  stores must cordon off areas dedicated to furniture, gardening            and paint, which aren't viewed as essential supplies. But                      residents are allowed to travel back to Michigan from another              state or go to homes or places of residence outside the state.

BANGER NOTE :    Whitless Gretchen once again restricts the wrong                               things or is too little too late.   You can't go to home                             depot to pick up mulch, but you can drive to Ohio,                               Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and drive back.    This                                 genius of the lowest order should of restricted state                           to state travel 6 weeks ago.  Limiting only Michigan                             residence or Truckers with essential goods to enter.                           After a generous screening at the border.   

                        For the last 3 weeks painting & gardening were fine.                           Exposing all those front line workers, in those retail                             outlets to as much COVID-19 nonessentials as they                             could handle.  But now that the weather is turning                               nice.  So, you arent allowed to do those essential                                 repairs on your home or plant that garden so you can                         eat later this summer.   Are you getting the picture?