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Journalists threatened and detained as multiple countries restrict pandemic coverage

    -    From Latin America to Russia, governments have tried to shape            coverage so it avoids criticism or information that authorities              deem harmful to public order

BANGER NOTE :   Even the White House Task Force briefs have only                                selected journalists present.     
Massive “Live Fire" Exercise April 8 With Starlink Satellites
[The Drive]

    -    The exercise will involve SpaceX Starlink satellites, a variety of            military assets, and a  new command and control system                    working together.

BANGER NOTES : 5G Exercise?  and why is their an exercise at the time of a National Emergency.
World virus deaths pass 100,000, with New York area hit hard
[Associate Press]

    -    In places such as New York, Italy and Spain, for example, many            victims who died outside a hospital — say, in a house or a                  nursing home — have not been included in the count.

BANGER NOTE :    At this point the numbers are at very least                                         questionable.
Haywire Immune Response Eyed in Coronavirus Deaths, Treatment
[The Wall Street Journal]

    -    Much remains unknown about the path the virus takes in the                sickest patients, but an increasing number of experts believe a            hyperactive immune response, rather than the virus, is what                ultimately kills many Covid-19 patients.

BANGER NOTE :    This is old news.  But worth a reminder.
Mile-long line of cars outside California grocery giveaway

    -    Hundreds of other people, many wearing trash bags to shelter              from the rain, arrived at the one-day grocery giveaway on foot,            forming a blocks-long queue in Van Nuys, in the central San                  Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.

BANGER NOTE :    Most of the country is just a few weeks behind the                             California and New York timelines.