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BANGER NOTE :  Natural, but emanating from a lab?  You believe that BS?
Food Makers Get Shot of Reality Now that Panic Buying Has Waned 

    -    After weeks of consumer hoarding, panic buying is abating and            the lack of demand from shuttered restaurants, schools and               coffee shops is starting to set in. Sanderson Farms Inc., the U.S.’s         third-largest chicken producer, is slowing production at plants             that supply restaurants, and protein giant Cargill Inc. has idled an         egg facility due to the lack of demand from the food services               industry.

China revises up Wuhan death toll as US plots re-opening

    -    Wuhan revised up its death toll by 50 percent Friday, as global              criticism mounted over China's handling of the deadly pandemic.

BANGER NOTE :    Did anyone see 21 million cell phone users?  No?  
Scattered protests push back on U.S. coronavirus stay-at-home orders

    -   On Wednesday, thousands of Michigan residents blocked traffic in         Lansing, the state capital, while protesters in Kentucky disrupted         Democratic Governor Andy Beshear's afternoon news briefing on         the pandemic, chanting "We want to work!"

BANGER NOTE :  Protesting is an outdated form of defiance.   It achieves                       very little.  It puts people in harms way.  It's a waste of                       time.  But a beet scores higher on an IQ test than the                           average Michigander. They're so brilliant that they                               elected Whitless Gretchen.  Nor could they stay home.                         So Michigan, is third in cases and deaths.   As I said,                           They're not the brightest tools in the shed.   
This Isn’t the Flattened Curve We Were Promised
[Yahoo Finance]

    -    The dying won’t be over nearly as soon as it suggests.

BANGER NOTE :   The curve may have not been for the virus.   It could of                        been for the resistance.   
Oakland County stops COVID-19 data leak
[The Freep]

    -    The data that was leaked was "of a non-public map that was                unintentionally marked as public during a recent upload,"                      according to a release. The leak included information about                  positive coronavirus cases relating to gender, race, age, address          and mortality status.