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Trump plans to cut daily coronavirus briefings

BANGER NOTE : Has the banger brought too much exposure to the briefings?  It can't be... I'm not Vic.  Never the less, we've had some interesting reports on the presidential seal and flag.   This comes on the heals of our latest report showing the pattern of changes and messages.   If you wait 6 weeks or so, Ole Vic might tell you about it.
China: We Can’t Dismiss America as Coronavirus Origin Until U.S. Proves Otherwise

    -    A microbiologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences implied on Thursday the United States will remain a potential origin of the Chinese coronavirus until American officials prove otherwise.

BANGER NOTE :  Those war drums keep beating harder and harder.   I wonder how they expect to United States to prove it?   We all know, once one is convinced, it doesn't matter what the truth is.   The Next World Order is taking shape and as I have said before.  All we need is a War, Aliens & The Anti-Christ and we'll be ready for the order.  
House passes $484B coronavirus relief package
[The Hill]

    -    The House on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation providing roughly $484 billion in coronavirus relief for small businesses, hospitals and expanded medical testing, capping weeks of contentious negotiations that had stalled Washington's latest round of emergency aid.

BANGER NOTE :   Because $6.2 trillion wasn't enough.   Now if you wait 6 weeks or so, I am sure Vic will do a video you all can share on social media.  That way everyone knows how smart you are.
COVID-19 Is Not Like The Flu At All
[Zero Hedge]

    -   The data sets begin at different points in the year. Also note that the figures shown here are for new deaths each week, not for cumulative deaths.

BANGER NOTES :  I'm sure the down players will ignore this.   But even though is hasn't been as bad as advertised.   It's spiking so high that it has past the Cancer & Heart Disease as the #1 killer.   Are the numbers cooked?  Depends on who you talk to.  But the virus is the least of our concerns at this point.
Here’s Where $881 Billion in U.S. Aid Went in Month of Spending
[Yahoo Finance]

    -    While the latest spending bill from Congress does not authorize any more money for state and local governments, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that there would be a separate “major package” to address the needs of states and localities.

BANGER NOTE : This story likes to blame Trump.   It also lies about the amount the stimulus package was.  But that being said.  This was a bi-partisan agreed package that was filled with pork and very little in terms of actual relief for Americans.   BOTH sides got behind all the spending.  Maybe they all should be fired.