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Fight against coronavirus will define our era, Bill Gates says
[Seattle Times]

Old Bill had a
nice purple
shirt on 
when he was
doing the TV 
rounds the 
other day.   
Speaking of 
purple,  the 
same day Trump wore a beautiful purple tie.   Must of been a fashion statement.   On a side note : Roy Potter speculated the tests were actually the vaccine.  Interesting theory to say the least.
Russia is the world's biggest loser from oil's crash, and that's reason to worry
[Microsoft News]

    -    Karl Marx wrote that “history repeats itself twice, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”

BANGER NOTE :  War with Russia and China might be unavoidable.  We're n extremely dangerous waters.
U.S. Reels Toward Meat Shortages and the World May Be Next
[Yahoo Finance]

    -    Almost a third of U.S. pork capacity is down, the first big poultry plants closed on Friday and experts are warning that domestic shortages are just weeks away. Brazil, the world’s No. 1 shipper of chicken and beef, saw its first major closure with the halt of a poultry plant owned by JBS SA, the world’s biggest meat company. Key operations are also down in Canada, the latest being a British Columbia poultry plant.

BANGER NOTE :   Nearly 6 weeks ago we warned you about this coming problem.   If you need meat better buy in soon.   If you can find it.   
P.s. How long before Spitter Vic does a video on his meat?
White House could alter virus briefings to limit Trump role
[Associated Press]

    -   There have been discussions within the White House about changing the format of the briefings to curtail the president's role, according to four White House officials

BANGER NOTES :  Here's some evidence that Trump is no longer in charge.   Trump is the president,  If he wanted to talk, no one would be able to "Curtail" him from doing so.   It appears he's only a figure head and not in charge.   This is the biggest red flag since the disappearance and reappearance of the presidential seal.   
Continuity of government is still my leading theory. 
The White House’s best-case scenario for the pandemic slips out of reach
[Washington Examiner]

    -    President Trump has credited the “tremendous resolve” of the public for lower projections below the 100,000 mark, not to mention the projections for up to 2 million people to die in the absence of any social distancing.

BANGER NOTE : Who ever though t would ever be the best or orst case scenario?