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Farmworkers sue Washington state over coronavirus protections
[NBC News]

    -    The case pits labor advocacy group Familias Unidas por la Justicia and the United Farm Workers of America against the state’s labor and health departments, and is among the first agricultural labor lawsuits filed in the country since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

BANGER NOTE :  The workers (Union) I'm sure are all home grown Americans trying to make a living.   Familias Unidas por la Justicia doesn't sound American to me. But I'm sure they're all Americans.
Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September
[Just The News]

    -    The congressman, a member of President Trump's Open Up America Again Congressional Group, mentioned a number of ideas to help restart the nation's economy, some of which include tax rate cuts and lessening regulations. 

BANGER NOTE :   Trump socialism has brought us here.  They used a well orchestrated crisis of events to force socialism down the throats of Americans.   The said thing is,  most "Americans" are unware that it's happened.   Many are clambering, complaining are screaming to return to normal.   A normal that has faded into yesterday.   The new normal is far worse.  Yet, most will accept it.  Because things are "Back to Normal".  lol   It's a joke! 
China says it 'expelled' U.S. Navy vessel from South China Sea

    -    The South China Sea is a potentially energy-rich stretch of water and home to more than 200 specks of land. It serves as a gateway to global sea routes where approximately $3.4 trillion of trade passes annually.

BANGER NOTES :   The war drummer loves playing.
Healthy pigs being killed as meatpacking backlog hits farms
[Associated Press]

    -    After spending two decades raising pigs to send to slaughterhouses, Dean Meyer now faces the mentally draining, physically difficult task of killing them even before they leave his northwest Iowa farm.

   -    Meyer said he and other farmers across the Midwest have been devastated by the prospect of euthanizing hundreds of thousands of hogs after the temporary closure of giant pork production plants due to the coronavirus.

BANGER NOTE : Those in charge knew this would happen.  They're attempting to starve us into submission.     Prepare and Be Aware!
Video shows dancing nurses carrying ‘corpse’ of coronavirus victim
[The Sun USA]

    -    The video shows four people wearing nurse uniforms carrying a fifth individual in a plastic bag, with COVID 19 written on the feet.

BANGER NOTE : These are those "Heroes" on the front lines.  Must be a slow day.   
Elon Musk says he is selling 'all physical possessions' during wild Twitter rant
[Fox News]

    -    Musk continued by saying he thinks Tesla stock is too high, then followed with “Now give people back their FREEDOM.”

BANGER NOTE : I heard there's a hooker who will take his rocket for $10.
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces ban on assault-style weapons
[The Daily News]

BANGER NOTE : Things are tyranny all over!
U.S. Probes University of Texas Links to Chinese Lab
[The Wall Street Journal]

    -    The Education Department has asked the University of Texas System to provide documentation of its dealings with the Chinese laboratory U.S. officials are investigating as a potential source of the coronavirus pandemic.

BANGER NOTE : They are slowly getting you prepared for the "revelation" that OPERATION : COVID 19 is a bioweapon.