SUNDAY MAY 3 2020 
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A dangerous species of insect bluntly known as “murder hornets” have been discovered in the U.S

    -     the hornets were first discovered in the community of Custer, Washington, roughly 60 miles southeast of Vancouver. In November, beekeeper Ted McCall of Custer found a number of his bees decapitated, a common behavior of these Asian hornets.

BANGER NOTE :  I heard of War Pigs, but Murder Hornets from Asain?  What are the odds they pop up in Washington?
U.S. beef output is down way more than shutdowns suggest

    -    American beef output is down a lot more than plant closures would have you believe -- a sign that slowdowns at facilities will continue to keep meat supplies tight even when some production lines reopen.

BANGER NOTE :   Just more food for thought.  
Trump administration terminates funding of coronavirus bat research in China
[CBS News]

BANGER NOTES :   Makes you feel good that
we funded bat research in the 1st place.  

More steps towards that big Bang!
Michigan has the nation's highest COVID-19 death rate

    -    Every other state has a death rate lower than 7%. Nationwide the death rate is 5.8%.

BANGER NOTE : That's because we have the smartest people and governor in the world.
The National Weather Service is working to revolutionize severe storm warnings
[The Hour]

    -    Kodi Berry leads the program that's updating warnings at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, Oklahoma. The Forecasting a Continuum of Environmental Threats program, or FACETs, is an endeavor the National Weather Service is pursuing to communicate the hazards posed by severe thunderstorms on a hyperlocal level.
Alligator attack kills woman at Kiawah Island
[The State]

BANGER NOTE : Doesn't alligators know we have to social distance?
Farmers are reaching out to wake people up. They silenced this man. Their Cutting off food supply.

BANGER NOTE : Get the picture
yet?   Prepare and Be Aware