SUNDAY MAY 10 2020 
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New York Police Department Expects Post-Pandemic Crime Surge
[The Wall Street Journal]

    -    The department’s commissioner, Dermot Shea, said in an interview that crime could rise in part because of the mass release of inmates from city jails 

BANGER NOTE : They let criminals out.  They've arrested and sometimes even brutally attacked people not social distancing.  They crashed the economy.   There are record jobless claims, a food shortage and the media is encouraging a racial divide.   How do you think things are going to turn out?   Going back to normal?   Please send me what you are smoking.....   I'd like to be in la la land myself right now. 
How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
[Corbett Report]

BANGER NOTE : James Corbett is one
of the best youtube researchers on 
the platform.   I have followed his
work for years.   One of the few 
channels I endorse.    He has a part
2 to this.   I'll post it in the coming 
Russia to help Venezuela search for members of failed incursion
[TRT World]

    -    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government says an apparently botched plot was funded by US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido and that two former US special forces soldiers were among 31 people taken prisoner.

BANGER NOTE : No wonder Trump wanted to rebuild the military.   He's got us into a major problem by trusting the deep state actors who he has in circled himself with.  
COVID-19 Took Black Lives First. It Didn’t Have To.

    -     Their deaths reflect the stunning racial disparity in the initial toll of the virus. Of the city’s first 100 recorded victims, 70 were black.

    -    As the pandemic has spread, that gap has narrowed, and Latinos now make up the largest portion of any reported demographic of confirmed cases across Illinois, state data shows.

BANGER NOTE :   The level of purposeful malpractice has reach epic proportions in the media.   Their deliberately forcing the race issue at a time when they country needs positive reinforcement.   A predesigned narrative to foment division.    Race war is being set up amongst the other nightmares looming over the country.  
At protests, mostly white crowds show how pandemic has widened racial and political divisions
[LA Times]

    -    The crowds protesting California's stay-at-home orders have been almost entirely white a state that mostly is not.

BANGER NOTE :   More proof the Malpractice miscreant media is attempting to direct our focus towards racial divides.   There is not other reason for these kinds of stories.   If you are protesting the government you are a white racist.   All other races are obedient victims who never could do anything wrong.    Prepare and be aware.
Venezuela charges Americans with terrorism, conspiracy

    -    Luke Alexander Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, were among 17 people captured by the Venezuelan military, which said it had thwarted an attempted invasion by mercenaries in the early hours of Sunday.

BANGER NOTE : That April fools joke went bad.   It just took a month to do so.   This is an act of war.  Tensions will be escalating more and more as the days pass.