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Kansas county orders businesses to track customers

    -    A rural eastern Kansas county has ordered businesses to keep track of their in-person customers by recording phone numbers and arrival and departure times during the pandemic – a move that has led to a federal lawsuit.

BANGER NOTE : More government invasion.   That is one of the results of OPERATION: COVID-19
US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs

    -    The price of the meats, poultry, fish and eggs category rose 4.3%, fruits and vegetables climbed 1.5%, and cereals and bakery products advanced 2.9%

BANGER NOTE : The condition for higher prices were created and/or allowed to happen as the government continues it's quest towards a new order
Health official quits after being pushed to reopen Colorado county and hot-spot meat plant
[Market Watch]

    -      The health official, Mark Wallace, faced a barrage of questions and demands from sometimes competing interests including unions, business owners, state politicians and national media, the emails show.

BANGER NOTE :   So many want the country "Reopened for business",   but the front liners are the ones exposed to all the pressures.    Being essential means you are also expendable in many cases.  
Health officials stopped reporting infections at Nebraska meatpacking plants
[Charleston Gazette Mail]

    -    As of the first week of May, public health officials reported 96 at the Tyson plant in Madison; 237 at the JBS plant in Grand Island; and 123 arising from the Smithfield plant in Crete.

    -    There were other cases around the state, and the counts were climbing. At least three people were reported dead.

    -    Then the numbers stopped.

BANGER NOTE :   Numbers are under reported?   I bet the down players will ignore this when they claim the numbers aren't as bad.  
Coronavirus spells doom for federal cannabis legislation

    -    The outcome is stark given this was considered the most pro-cannabis Congress ever

BANGER NOTE : They're too busy spending you into poverty to slavery to care about this right now.
At Senate Hearing, Government Experts Paint Bleak Picture of the Pandemic
[The New York Times]

    -    Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — predicted dire consequences if the nation reopened its economy too soon, noting that the United States still lacked critical testing capacity and the ability to trace the contacts of those infected.

BANGER NOTE : In other words, They're not quite ready to implement all their New World changes  like manditory testing and having spies to follow your movements.   The German Stazi isn't up to speed yet.