‘Operation Moonshot’: £100BILLION plan could see entire UK population tested for coronavirus in just a week
[The Sun]

    -   TEN million daily Covid tests will be dished out to get 
Brits back to the footie, theatre and their mate’s house 
under new Government plans costing £100billion..

BANGER NOTES: The question is..  What if you don't want 
to take the test?
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2 ZERO 1 : A Simulated Event

March 14, 2020 by John Lebang of The John Lebang show

Let me begin by saying. I’m in no way diminishing the ongoing threat CODIV-19 represents to the nation and the world. It’s going to be difficult to mitigate the effects to our health system, the economy and our overall welfare. For weeks I have been preparing my listeners for this looming [Read More]

UN Forced To Admit 
Gates-Funded Vaccine Is 
Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa
[Zero Hedge]

  -   While international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) will regular boast about supposedly ‘eradicating polio’ with vaccines, the opposite seems to be the case. Their decades-long campaign to eradicate polio is now killing scores of innocent young people living in poor countries.

BANGER NOTE : Get your shots!   Hey, let's have 
the military deliver them in a powerful way.   
The cultural genius of the 
Abraham Accord
[Israel National News]

    -    The U.S.-brokered Abraham Accord between 
Israel and the United Arab Emirates, announced by
 President Donald Trump on Aug. 13.

BANGER NOTE:  There's that 13 related to the president again.   

Special Report

13 : The Mark Of The Presidential Seal

Read The Report by
70 Years Israel Redemption Temple Coin
[Temple Coins]

    -    Trump’s recognition of the 
centrality of Jerusalem as the Capital
of the State of Israel has caused many 
people, including Prime Minister 
Benjamin Netanyahu , to compare 
President Trump to Cyrus the Great.

But why Cyrus the Great?

Cyrus is known historically as one of the most humanitarian, merciful & pluralistic conquerors of all ages, by allowing his subjects to continue to live and practice their religion and traditions in peace

BANGER NOTES:  One of many coins with Trump as the main figure. 

America's vaccine pessimism

    -    Only 14% of Americans think a coronavirus vaccine will be widely available before the November election, and even if it is, most Americans say they won't take it, according to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

BANGER NOTES: The study has more Dems wanting the shot and Repubs or indies.   Pretty much shows how easily some will be lead to the slaughter.     
Former CIA Officer: "Violence Will Explode" If Trump Wins Re-Election
[Zero Hedge]

    -    Sam Faddis characterizes the recent riots, described as “mostly peaceful” by the media, as nothing less than an “insurrection.”

BANGER NOTES: Isn't this what I have been saying since before the rioters became a thing?