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2 ZERO 1 : A Simulated Event

March 14, 2020 by John Lebang of The John Lebang show

Let me begin by saying. I’m in no way diminishing the ongoing threat CODIV-19 represents to the nation and the world. It’s going to be difficult to mitigate the effects to our health system, the economy and our overall welfare. For weeks I have been preparing my listeners for this looming [Read More]

Scientists create gene-edited animals as 'surrogate sires' to boost food production

    -    The animals, created for the first time by researchers in the United States and Britain using a gene-editing tool called CRISPR-Cas9, could be used as "surrogate sires", essentially sterile blank slates that could then be transplanted with stem cells that produce the desired sperm, the scientists said. The process could help farmers rear healthier, more productive animals using fewer resources such as feed, medicines and water, they said. It could also give breeders in remote regions of the world better access to genetic material of elite animals from elsewhere, allowing for "precision breeding".

BANGER NOTE:  The article says it all.   I need not comment.  
Special Report

13 : The Mark Of The Presidential Seal

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Abraham Accord: Emirati and Israeli officials tread on grounds shaped by Middle East history of bloodshed and peace
[The National]

    -    The White House ceremony of the historic deal will be 42 years after Anwar Sadat signed the Camp David Accords

BANGER NOTES:  We'll have a video out soon that will cover these accords and how it relates with the 2/1 code.
Washington Post Promises Catastrophic Violence If Biden Does Not Win
[The Western Journal]

    -    Georgetown University professor Rosa Brooks authored the Thursday article titled, “What’s the worst that could happen? The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis.”

BANGER NOTES: It took the Washington post or a Georgetown University professor to bring this up for the media to pay attention.  When a long haired nobody tells his listeners months ago,  it's like a tree falling over in a forest in the middle of an unpopulated planet on the edge of the universe.   

Major fire threatens historic observatory near LA
[Yahoo News]

  -   Many communities threatened by the flames have been ordered to stand ready to evacuate while some 80 historic cabins located within Los Angles Forest were feared destroyed, officials said.

The blaze is among 27 fires currently burning in the state that have killed more than 20 people since many of them erupted mid-August.

BANGER NOTE : The symbiology of these fires have an irony to them.   The country is burning!  See the companion story, just scroll down.
Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on her Property with Matches
[Gateway Pundit]

BANGER NOTES: Caught red handed.    There have been dozen of these people arrested.  Yet, the main stream media is just showing the country burning.
White House Meets With Rabbis to Assuage Concerns on Israel
[Jewish Week]

BANGER NOTES: This is just a reminder.  Another piece of the puzzle.