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2 ZERO 1 : A Simulated Event

March 14, 2020 by John Lebang of The John Lebang show

Let me begin by saying. I’m in no way diminishing the ongoing threat CODIV-19 represents to the nation and the world. It’s going to be difficult to mitigate the effects to our health system, the economy and our overall welfare. For weeks I have been preparing my listeners for this looming [Read More]

Special Report

13 : The Mark Of The Presidential Seal

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Censorship vs the science regarding masks
[Primary Doctor]

    -   The timing of my being locked out of Twitter happened to be at 3:02 am on 10/22/2020, which was less than 4 hours before release of a Reuters story, at 6:40 am that same morning, which criticized my discussion of Dr. Anthony Fauci's research

BANGER NOTE :  Enough with the masks!   No government has the authority to force free people to do anything.
Abbott to order 1,000 troops to Texas cities during election
[My San Antonio]

    -     Election Day security update: Maj. Gen. James K. “Red” Brown, chief of staff for the Texas National Guard commander, said the activation of troops would be for “post election” support of local law enforcement and the Texas Department of Public Safety, “as we did previously to deter any civil disturbance at sites in various cities within Texas.”

BANGER NOTES: Hope you've prepared.  The chaos is on our doorsteps.   
Truck driver is charged with 'threats of violence' to protesters
[Daily Mail]

BANGER NOTES:  This man was driving a virtual bomb to be and he's supposed to stop for people who we're obstructing travel and threatening his life.   The mob has more rights than you.  Remember that.
Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90

    -    The Scottish actor was best known for his portrayal of James Bond, being the first to bring the role to the big screen and appearing in seven of the spy thrillers.

BANGER NOTE:  Sorry to see him go.  He was 2nd favorite bond.   But as an actor,  He was an A lister.    R.I.P.
Lunar Living: We’re all connected to the Moon
[We Transfer]

    -    Throughout history outer space has proved an infinite source of awe and wonder for us mere mortals. Almost impossible to comprehend, it has spawned countless books, films, songs and theories, and resulted in a generation defining Space Race in the mid 20th Century.

BANGER NOTES: This article will be of interest to those following the 21 code.    Remember, read between the lines.
Michigan orders restaurants to collect customers' information amid COVID-19 surges
[The Detroit News]

    -    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services unveiled orders that limit non-residential indoor gatherings without fixed seating to 50 people — the limit was 500 — and restrict individual table sizes at restaurants to six people.

BANGER NOTE:  More unconstitutional orders from the governors and her team.    Where is the DOJ and FBI to arrest her for breaking the law and violating our rights?
Another weekend of violent anti-lockdown protests in Europe
[Daily Mail]

BANGER NOTES:  As governments seize rights away from the people more of this will happen.   Is it the end of the world?