Voting irregularities in Nevada under investigation

BANGER NOTES: The evidence keeps 
coming in.
Giuliani presents evidence for Trump's legal battle

BANGER NOTE:  Let me point out one
thing...    Your liberal friend doesn't
care the Democrats cheated.   

And that means, they'll cheat from
here on out.   If this stands,  The
constitution is dead and your in big
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2 ZERO 1 : A Simulated Event

March 14, 2020 by John Lebang of The John Lebang show

Let me begin by saying. I’m in no way diminishing the ongoing threat CODIV-19 represents to the nation and the world. It’s going to be difficult to mitigate the effects to our health system, the economy and our overall welfare. For weeks I have been preparing my listeners for this looming [Read More]

Special Report

13 : The Mark Of The Presidential Seal

Read The Report by
Democrat Activists Compiling a Do-Not-Hire Blacklist of People Who Supported or Worked for Trump
[CNS News]

    -    The beginnings of a collaborative spreadsheet being produced for the so-called “Trump Accountability Project” shows the targets to include: campaign staff, administration members, judicial appointees, donors, legal counsel, and endorsers.

BANGER NOTE :  72 million American can be on this list.   Prepare for the discrimination is you are or were a Trump supporter.
Sidney Powell Makes Explosive Voter Fraud Allegation: 'They Had This All Planned'

    -    Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team, alleged that Democrats had a widespread voter fraud operation on Election Day, saying an audit on all computer systems "that played a role" is necessary.

BANGER NOTES: We all know they did it.. It's just a matter of proving it and that it going to be hard.
Michigan County Clerk Allegedly Finds Glitch In System That Gave Thousands Of Votes to Biden
[Trending Politics]  

    -    On Friday, Michigan GOP chair Laura Cox announced that a glitch in the system was found that allegedly gave former Vice President Joe Biden 6,000 votes in one county that belonged to President Donald Trump.

BANGER NOTE:  We will keep documenting all the stories.  But don't get your hopes up.   The cheat was well coordinated.
Biden Is NOT President-Elect And He May NEVER Be

BANGER NOTES: The media has declared him
the winner....  It's not the official source for
calling a winner.