Trumped by the New World Order?
By John Lebang April 8, 2017                                                      

                                                       Well it's pretty clear that Donald Trump has been                                                    compromised.The question is... Did this happen recently or
                                                   is the mask just coming off? To put it mildly.. It doesn't matter.                                                    Either way, this is not what the American people voted for.

The economy and jobs, terrorism, repealing Obamacare, ending
Illegal immigration, keeping us out of a war with Russia & making
America first again were the core reasons behind President Trump
winning in November. Eleven weeks into his term and there's one
failed attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare and now we
have an escalation of hostilities over a supposed chemical attack 
from Syria in Syria.

Let's magnify what has happened. The main stream manifested news media is telling us it was a chemical attack by the Syrian Government. USA Today reported on April 5, 2017 that " U.S. radar showed Syrian warplanes in the vicinity of the suspected chemical-weapon attack that killed dozens of people in northern Syria.." Syrian planes flying over Syrian airspace seems like something that wouldn't be out of the ordinary to me. That's like saying U.S planes were in the vicinity when the Pentagon was hit. The main stream manufactured news is getting their information from the same intelligence agencies that told us there were WDM's in Iraq and what had happened in Benghazi. We found out later a different story.  

Assad has been making gains on the battlefield with the aid of Russia. While Terrorist groups like ISIS are finally on the run. Why use a chemical attack when you are winning? And more importantly, why wouldn't ISIS use them if they were losing. Russian officials suggested the poisonous gas was spread after a chemical weapons facility operated by terrorists was struck by a bomb. Could it be something that easily explained?  

                                                                                                As far as Sarin gas being the WMD of choice,                                                                                                 how would any of us know what an attack of                                                                                                 that magnitude actually looks like? We're                                                                                                 being told that was the gas that was used. But                                                                                                 we've been told things before and found out                                                                                                 later it was wrong. Like the WDM's that were                                                                                                 supposed to be in Iraq, but weren't or at least                                                                                                 not until after we left. According to a October                                                                                                 14, 2014 article by the Huffington Post Titled                                                                                                 ISIS Likely Captured Iraqi Chemical Weapons,                                                                                                 New York Times & The Daily Star also                                                                                                 confirms these facts. Let's not forget that Fox                                                                                                 News reported on February 9, 2016 that 
                                                                                                Top intel official confirms ISIS made,
and used chemical weapons and The Washington Times reported on September 23, 2016 that ISIS uses WMD against U.S.. ISIS has also been known to have drones at the disposal as CBS reported on February 20, 2017 that ISIS drones pose another danger. So it's a safe bet that ISIS would make an attack run of chemical weapons while Syria jets were in the air at the same time. As I laid out in a video I published February 23, 2016 OPERATION SYRIAN THUNDER (The March into World War III?) 
                                                                                        Both ISIS & The West are on the same side when it                                                                                         comes to removing Assad. A article                                                                                         dated October 11, 2016 titled Leaked Hillary                                                                              Clinton emails show U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and                                                                                  Qatar supported ISIS. Explains the connections                                                                                         between the United states biggest allies in the                                                                                         Middle East and ISIS. The Global research group                                                                                         published an article on September 20, 2014                                                                                         titled America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS                                                                                 Terror Group further detailing the connection                                                                                         between the Obama Administration and others to                                                                                         terrorist organizations. Otherwise known as rebel                                                                                         groups.

                                                                                        Fact is Assad is a bad guy, But ISIS and their allies and also bad guys. But it makes no sense to used WMD's when you are winning and ISIS has been known to have use WMD's . In addition, we haven't been able to trust the media for a long time and now Trump has made a hard left into the Agenda set forth by Hillary, McCain, Obama & Bush.

The big question is
Have we been Trumped by the New World order?

59 Cruise missiles. Seems like a lot, but after thinking
about it, they were probably very old weapons and 
maybe have become obsolete , so Trump and his 
generals decided to have a massive fireworks display
to help get his approval ratings up. 

I guess we've upgraded from hitting aspirin factories.

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