Track List

1) Grind

2) Dyfunctional Moral Fabric

3) By The Way

4) Ode To A Perverted Man
    (The Bull Horn Song)

5) Johnny

6) A Wedge In Time

7) The Bummer Screw

8) Satan's Jesus

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(c) 2015 Lebang Music  (c)Lebangyourhead films (c) J. Lebang's Pirate TV   All rights reserved

Produced by
J. Lebang
Brian Specner
Nick Honeycutt

Recorded by
Rob Tylak

Graphic by
Patricia Cheal

All Songs written
by J. Lebang

J. Lebang
Vocals & Guitars

Brian Spencer
Vocals & Bass

Nick Honeycutt

October 13, 1993