Track List

1) Worship The Sun

2) Jihad

3) September 15th

4) Israel Rise


6) Soldiers Of America

7) The Infidel (The Writ)

8) Another Race

9) The Enemy Withing (The Writ)

10) Patriot's Act

11) Exotic Termination

12) Extinction (Be Gone) Human

13) The Occupation (The Writ)

14) (Don't) Waste Your Tome
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Produced by
J. Lebang

Recorded by
Pete Bankert

Edited by
J. Lebang
Pete Bankert
Randy Monday

Photography by
Charlene Allor

Rear Cover
Designed by
Brian Renaud

All Songs written
by J. Lebang

J. Lebang
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, keyboards
Cello & Drums

September 10, 2004