Top 25 Rock Songs 2021 [Banger Music Charts]
by John Lebang |Banger Music Hour
A Dirty Dozen with 

JANUARY 15, 2022 7PM ET
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Meet Your Presenter
Lily Sixx
of Hot Lixx With Lily Sixx

Presenting the Crank It Up Award

Lily V. Sixx grew up on music.
 Starting at a very young age she
 would listen to her parents’ records
 without them knowing. Born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pa area she is not musically talented at all, but she knows what she likes. Glam Metal and Classic Rock are where she began. Her music tastes have evolved and are all over the board now. Over the years she has gone to hundreds of concerts usually as a spoiled brat in the VIP section. 

She is and always has been a huge supporter of the Indie music scene, especially in Pittsburgh, PA. You will find her right at the front of the stage at any given show. In the summer of 2017, she was asked to be part of Rock Rage Radio and she could not be more excited. Ever since that time she has been able to make Hot Lixx with Lily Sixx grow over the years with some kick-ass interviews, getting to know music from around the world and now hosts live events of her own with bands that she has featured on her show. If you are into podcasts, she is a cohost on the Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus alongside Lou Lombardi, Keith Hawkins and Pittsburgh Kevin also on Rock Rage Radio. 

Check out Hot Lixx with Lily Sixx Thursdays at 6PM Eastern Time on
Todd 'ToddStar' Jolicoeur |100% Rock Magazine | 8 December 2021

According to a recent press release: “The band was formed in 2020 by 4 long-time friends and musical counterparts. Each having success on multiple scales, the right time presented itself providing safe passage for Emperors & Angels to surface. The quartet began writing and soon found producer Paul Trust “Starset” to help mold EA’s sonic assault. After working together on the first three releases, the band decided to self produce. Taking everything they had learned from Paul, Sahaj Ticotin (Ra) and multiple others to EA’s newest measure. Already making headway and gaining national / International traction, Emperors & Angels are primed and Ready for War! The band is a finalist for the 5th Annual Banger Music Awards in the following category: BEST HARD ROCK SONG.” 

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Interview with Grande Fox [Finalist for Best Album]
by John Lebang |Banger Music Awards Fundraiser