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​Nerdi is working on his time travel machine (The Science Geek & Looks like we're back in hardware mode)

Abu is walking home from work when he meet Mr. Gobberfish (Abu On The Job & The Hockey Game)

Shady goes outside to pee  (Shady & The Peeing Dog)

The Donald has a press conference about his latest summit with Kenny Logins West with The Sock Hop Kid (Captain Rainbow & Where's Darth)

The Captain returns home and cant find Darth (Captain Rainbow & Where's Darth)

Shady is feeling under the weather (Shady & Sick As A Dog)

Shady & Leroy are in the check out line at the grocery story when the ETA happens (Shady & The ETA)

The Donald tests out the Emergency Text Alert (P.O.T.U.S. of The D & The ETA)

Leroy & Shady look for a parking spot at the grocery store (Shady & The Parking Spot)

Nerdi tests the Temporal Reflector Detector (The Science Guy & The bad apple) 

Captain & Darth break into a local store when they meet a new anti-hero (Captain Rainbow & The Tranz Sista)

Goes over the daily duties (P.O.T.U.S. & the Top Secrets)

Shady calls 911 after an incident at Taco Slut (Shady & The Taco Slut)

The Donald is enjoying a small break when Bill Clinton calls (P.O.T.U.S. of The D & Slick Willy)

Shady tells the story of the 300 (Shady & The 300)

Shady talks about the weather (Shady & The End Of The World)

The Donald ends his meeting with Kin Ding Dong (P.O.T.U.S. of The D & call ya later)

Leroy is talking to women on a dating site and Shady gives him advise (Shady & The Women Who Use You)

Nedri goes to the liquor store to buy a lottery ticket (The Science Geek & The Lottery Ticket)

Shady is interrupted by phone calls while waiting for his beer (Shady & The Random Phone Calls)

The Donald & Kin Ding Don meet face to face for the first time (P.O.T.U.S. of The D & The Summit in Singapore)

Abu is at work when a customer comes in (Abu on The Job - No Pork)

The Donald gets a call from a concerned citizen (Shady) (P.O.Y.U.S. of The D & The Bucallic Backyard Bacchanalia) 

After running out of bubble bath Captain Rainbow decides to come out of retirement (Captain Rainbow & Coming Out of retirement)

The Donald preps for a visit with Kim Kardashian (P.O.Y.U.S. of The D & Kim #2)

The Donald gets a call from Kim Ding Dong on their latest deal and gets hungry and wants food (P.O.T.U.S. of  The D & The Budget Boycott)

Shady & Leroy talk about having their own gauntlet to control the universe (SHADY & The Gauntlet)

The Donald gets a call from the Russian President demanding action on N. Korea (P.OT.U.S. of The D & The Call from Vlad)

The Donald gets a call from Kim Ding Dong about their nuclear deal (P.O.T.U.S. of The D & The Bad Hair Cut)

Ditzy Wins on the Game Show "The Donald Is Right" and gets a job in the White House


Darth Knight uses the last of Captain Rainbow's Shampoo

Shady & Leroy go to the bar (Shady & The Bartender)

Captain Rainbow considers Retirement (Captain Rainbow & The Temper Tantrum Retirement)

Shady and Leroy get thrown out of a party store.  (Shady & The Beer Store)

An emergency Missile alert comes across the TV forcing Shady & The Boys to seek shelter (Shady & The False Flag Missile)

​Captain Rainbow & Darth Knight wait at the Denver Airport for Wilberts call.   (Captain Rainbow & The The Airport Sass)

​Nerdi is working on his new Androbot the I.D.O.R.C. 2000 and I.D.O.R.C. gets upset about it



Captain Rainbow and Darth coming arrive home.   But they get a phone sending them to Denver International Airport.  (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE TRIP TO DENVER)

On a shopping trip to the mall to buy shoes. Shady and Leroy meet a woman with plastic surgery. (SHADY & THE PLASTIC LADY)

Shady & Leroy go to see Thor Ragnarok (SHADY & BOARD GAG ME WITH A SOCK)

Captain Rainbow & Darth Knight Escape the Dungeon

Captain Rainbow & Darth Knight make a deal with Wilbert (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE DEAL)


Shady stumbles onto Abu & Ditzy having a 3SUM with a blow up doll

I.D.O.R.C. tries to run away by buying a plant ticket and Shady is sent to get her back (Shady & The I.R.O.R.C. Incident)

Shady calls the show saying he isn't making it for cool and uncool

Wilbert Visits Nerdi in sickbay.  Nerdi tells Wilbert about his new project he is planning

John from Jackstand calls The John Lebang Show

Shady Visits Nerdi in sickbay and tells him Stoney hasn't returned from area 420

The MDV brings Nerdi out of the chryostasis Chamber

Shady, Leory & Wilbert do some gardening

Shady's starts a band to save Rock and Rolls (SHADY & THE SUPER FLY SEXY BAND)

Shady Takes over The John Lebang Show

Leroy joins new dating site Tunaofthesea.com.   

Shady explains to Leroy what kind of women are on dating sites (SHADY & THE TUNA FISH LOVERS)

Captain Prichard makes a personal log when he discovers he's not alone.  Dr. Mcjoy is also logging in.

Shady and Leroy Watch the new GODZILLA Movie  GODZILLA vs THE RADIO ACTIVE BOAR, Wilbert thinks he found stoney

Shady calls the Sanctuary City Bowling Alley to see if there is any  open bowling

Shady gets advice from the Virtual Medical Doctor about Leroy's Porn Tube infatuation

I.D.O.R.C.  catches Leroy spanking his monkey in the dungeon closet

Shady catches Leroy watching Porntube and choking his chicken.  (SHADY & THAT WILL MAKE YOU GO BLIND)

Shady calls John from the toilet needing TP

Shady calls John and tells him the his show is not on (SHADY & THE NO SHOW RADIO)

Shady misses out on bowling a 300 because open bowling ended.

Shady calls John and tells him he is going to miss cool or uncool

​Shady and the gangs heads to the bowling alley, they find Abu Moonlighting (SHADY &  THE BOWLING SHOE CAPER)

Abu asks the V.M.D. when Ditzy will recover from her double booby surgery & gets advise on his butt itch.

Wilbert Brings Captain Rainbow and Darth Night dinner in the dongeon.  Which consists of a Tuna on Rye & a Loly Pop

Shady & Leroy discuss Patrick Stewart & the New Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (SHADY & THE MOVIE MONOLOG)

Shady thinks he's alone to drop a deuce but I.D.O.R.C. has different plans

Shady ask Leroy if the bathroom is cleaned up after the level 3 dump alert

Shady clogs up the toilet and I.D.O.R.C. is tasked with the clean up job. (SHADY & THE BACKED UP TOILET)

Leroy asks Uncle Shady how to listen to The John Lebang Show.   Prompting Shady to need to use the toilet.



Captain Prichard & Dr. Mcjoy wait for Mr. Tukok to rescue them (SPACE QUEST : ALTERED FUTURE)

The Space Quest Locates Captain Prichard's shuttle and must fire on their location (SPACE QUEST & THE ORDER TO FIRE)

Shady discovers everyone having a  early Christmas party. 

Leroy tells Wilbert about his mother being abducted by Illegal aliens from Mexico

Captain Rainbow meets Darth Knight  and Dirty Dean Comes along (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & DARTH MAKES 3)

Nerdi turns on I.D.O.R.C.  but her "Emotion Chip" malfunctions

Wilbert and Leroy head to Kentucky to pick up Moon shine

Shady and the gang plan the Election Party

Shady has stomach problems and goes to the bathroom where Yogi and Nerdi are already hard at work

Wilbert, Shady & Leroy head to the stripe joint

Some random obscene caller calls the show

John needs to use the bathroom but all the TP gone

Shady explains climate change (SHADY & THE WAY THE WIND BLOWS)

Shady and the gang do some sampling of their new home brewed weed beer

The Bro's from Da Hoe inform Captain Rainbow that they lost Abu (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE LOST PATSY)

Nerdi names his newest creation.  The Androbot I.D.O.R.C.

Shady is excited because John is having a cool gust on his show (SHADY & THE OLD TIME ROCK'N'ROLL)

Shady needs to drop a deuce and both Yogi and Nerdi also are going

Wilbert and the gang place their bets on when Hillary snaps during the debates?

Captain Rainbow goes out with Dirty Dean (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE DIRTIEST OF DEANS)

Stoney offers to smoke with Shady after the Bad beer Incedent

​Shady predicts a Trump win & Nerdi explains he made beer from the wrong sample (SHADY & THE CONTAMINATED BEER)

Nerdi makes his first attempt at home brewed Beer.  It tastes bad, but it gets you drunk

Shady enters a full bathroom.. Both Yogi and Nerdi are busy as well.... 

Captain Rainbow calls in to ask if The John lebang Show will be on this week

After Shady gets run over by Nerdi's first test of the Androbot.  They discover that Ben drank all but the last beer.

Nerdi let's John know the bathroom toilet is clogged again.  Wilbert wants to know what is for dinner.

Captain Rainbow sends the Boy's from Da Hoe out to terrorize when a call comes in (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE ME TIME)

Shady shows concern over John coughing all the time.   

Shady gives Leroy dating advice (SHADY & THE DATING SITE)


Captain Prichard and Doctor McJoy repair the shuttle after crash landing (SPACE QUEST & THE CRASH LANDING LOG)

Captain Prichard and Doctor Mcjoy are surrounded by 1000's of life forms (SPACE QUEST & THE BIO LIFE FORCE)

Stoney delivers the package John sent over for Shady to trade for Leroy and Nerdi (SHADY & THE PACKAGE)

Captain Rainbow calls shady to inform him John is sending over the package (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE PHONE CALL)

Captain Rainbow calls Shady to Black Male him (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE BLACK MALE)

Peppa calls in to insult Ditzy Stuper & Captain Rainbow calls John for random for Nerdi (OPEN LINES)

The Space Quest crew are returning to their own timeline when the trouble happens (SPACE QUEST & THE BLACK HOLE)



Captain Rainbow tries to convert Leroy (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE CONVERSION)

Shady and Leroy heads to Wilbert's place where they are going to watch the debate

Captain Rainbow vs The bro's from Da Hoe & Kidnaps Leroy (CAPTAIN RAINBOW & THE KIDNAPPING)

Shady tries out a new Pizza joint and tries to collect on their 15 minute promise. 9SHADY & THE DELIVERY)

Shady, Leroy and Tiny watch a  news report about the Super Villain CAPTAIN RAINBOW (SHADY & THE SUPER FAIRY)

The 1st sighting of Captain Rainbow (CAPTAIN RAINBOW AT LARGE)


Shady calls the John Lebang Show while there is a cat attacking Leroy (OPEN LINES)

Shady and Leroy are listening to John Lebang talk about Hillary (SHADY & THE HILLARY GANG BANG)

Shady opens his new fabric store SHADY'S FABRIC and a mess happens (SHADY & THE GRAND OPENING OVERFLOW)

Shady tells Leroy why AC/DC is more talented than Madonna (SHADY & THE TALENT OVER BULL)

Shady , Tiny and Leroy watch "it's Your Lies" (SHADY & THE SMOKIN CIGAR)


Shady has a tooth ache and Leroy takes him to the Dentist (SHADY & THE DENTIST)

An Illegal Alien crashes into Shady's Truck and he deals with it (SHADY'S A BAD ASS)

Shady has his day in court and it's not a good one (SHADY'S DAY IN COURT)

Shady and Tiny are enjoying a nice watching TV when a party begins in Shadt's front Yard (SHADY & THE FIREWORKS)

Leroy complaints to Uncle shady about how bad the world sucks (SHADY & THE WORLD SUCKS)

Shady's cable goes out again and he calls comcast (SHADY & THE CONSCAM SERVICE)

Fukazilla attacks the United Empire Of Earth SO THE CREW most go back in time     (SPACE QUEST & THE PAST TIME TUNA)

Shady's calls Leroy over to take him to the doctor after a night with Peppa (SHADY & THE RAW MEAT BALLS)

Leroy takes Shady to see "IT'S YOUR LIES" in person, but Shady's needs to pee first (SHADY'S BIG DAY)

Shady Burns his sausage when Leroy comes over (HANGIN' WIT SHADY)

The Space Quest is attacked by A second mysterious drones (SPACE QUEST & THE DRONE DUECE )

A Mysterious unmanned drone attacks the Space Quest (SPACE QUEST & THE FOUR LIGHT)

Admiral Kerry orders the Space Quest to investigate strange readings at HAARP (SPACE QUEST & THE HAARP MISSION)

On a mission to sector Alta thr Space Quest finds a ship a drift (SPACE QUEST & THE FUKAZILLA INCIDENT)

The crew of the Space Quest are attacked by Fukuzilla (SPACE QUEST : THE FUKUZILLA INCIDENT)

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