Meet Your Presenter
Steve Unger
of Metal Church
Presenting the BASS MASTER AWARD

Steve Unger the Multi Talented
Bass Man formerly of Metal Church 
has now joined Where Angels Suffer.

                                                            Steve is a well respected                                                             musician in the Metal                                                             Community .Steve also plays                                                             in his sons band " Sin Circus                                                             " and will continue to
Top 25 Alternative Rock Songs 2021 
[Banger Music Charts]
by John Lebang |Banger Music Hour
JANUARY 15, 2022 7PM ET
VOLUME 7 [DECEMBER 18, 2021]
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A Dirty Dozen with 

Todd 'ToddStar' Jolicoeur |100% Rock Magazine | 15 December 2021

According to a recent press release: “Skyfever are a band of 5 Irish guys looking to take over the world. 
                                                    Fearlessly releasing their                                                     debut album Is This The                                                     End Of The World in the                                                     middle of a global                                                     pandemic, they have not                                                     just survived…they have                                                     thrived! 

                                                    In the UK, they are a major                                                     source of inspiration and                                                     motivation for their fans.                                                     With BBC Introducing,                                                     Kerrang, Planet Rock and                                                     even Chelsea FC featuring                                                     their music, the band are on course for stardom. In the US, they were actually first introduced to audiences by the legend Alice Cooper shouting them out on his social media. Subsequently, the Carolina Panthers in the NFL started featuring their anthem ‘Keep Pounding’ at their games and by then it was only a matter of time before many US college radio stations spread the word about their spectacular array of songs and refreshing attitude. 

Skyfever are Luke Lang, Tyson Harding, Karl Hand, Matt Hanaphy & Dan Monaghan. 

Skyfever is a finalist for the 5th Annual Banger Music Awards in the following category: