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MONDAY FEBRUARY 8 2021 [Updated 3/24/2021]
by John Lebang [The John Lebang Show]
17 and on 
: Q Anon
: The Merging of 13 and 31 | Eventual turning into 8
: Alex Jones and Info Wars
Anti Fun Group
Battle Legion Masses 
: Black Lives Matter or BLM
Blue Fairy Crime Syndicate
: Any member of Joe Biden's family who is involved in the business
China Boy
: Joe Biden's directly relations to China
Colonel P
: Roy Potter
Con Queso Cortez
: She's Hot, She's Spicy and she's really cheesy..   A.O.C.
Deadbeat Dad Society
: Fathers that don't take care of their children
Debt Note
: A Federal Reserve Note
Deep Throat
: Kamala Harris   a.k.a. Camel Toe
: 5G
Farm 13
: The Pharmaceutical industry
Hallow Suits
: Any politician who make promises to receive votes with no intension of actually following through.  
: A democrat who complains about the actions their political enemies, but praise their own or engage in the same type of actions.
: President Select Joe Biden
Joint Relations
: Any news about Marijuana or related subjects. Including, but not limited to laws and regulations
Junior Mac
: Donald Trump Jr.
Kim Ding Dong
: Kim Jung Un
: A republican who has no spine
Malpractice Media
: Anything presented from the Main Stream Media that is slanted, bias or omits or hides  important information pertinent to the story.
Masters Of Reality
: The controllers of the deep state/world elite.
Medical Monarchy
: Anything worshiping the Medical field or demanded by said field. 
Monty Pants
: Montegraph
Naturally Confused
: A person that can not accept what nature intended
One Six
: The Events on January 6 2021 at the capital
Operation Ballot Box
: The events leading to the 2020 Election
Operation Lockdown
: Surrounding the capital with National Guard Troupes
: Any person doing the work of the Deep State
President Zero
: Barrack Obama
Propaganda Pulpit
: A pro Joe Biden/Democrat/Establishment/Authoritarian Malpractice Media Stance 

: A man's body part
Sharing Sheeple
: Anyone who shares information, memes and claims without any source to support or back up the post.

Single Mom Movement
: Societies change from a nuclear family to a broke home scenario
Stooge Tube
: Alternative Media personality who sensationalize or spread unverified information.

The Boogie Woogie
: Covid-19 | The China Virus | Coronavirus
The Crypto Clan
: a person or organization having a secret allegiance to a political creed, especially communism.
The Poker
: Covid-19 Vaccine
Thinking Mind
: A person who critically thinks as opposed to have an open mind.

: People Who blindly support Donald Trump
: People who live on twitter
Uncle Al Gore
: Algorithm
: Vladimir Putin
Wicked Witch Of The West
: Nancy Pelosi
Orange Man
: Donald Trump | A.k.a. The Donald | A.k.a. The T man
Mitt Witt
: Mitt Romney 
: U.S. Presidency | P.O.T.U.S | See our report 13: The Mark Of The Presidential Seal
: China
: The public impeachment trial of a president
: Released criminal on the streets
: Mitch McConnel (R) | In reference to his tortoise-like appearance | Taken from Dr. Dolittle
Whitless Gretchen
: Gretchen Whitmer
Manufactured Mobs
: Anyone that s paid to "Protest" | Media created events that attract outrage
Medical Burka
: Face Mask
Graham Cracker
: Lindsey Graham
: Youtube
: People who believe whatever is in television
Bang Bang
: Mass Shooting
Negative Zone
: A Reality that is negative to basic fundamentals of nature, truth & Freedom