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VOLUME 2 [DECEMBER 21, 2020]
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Exodus by Ignescent
Nominated for Best Metal Song
Review by John Lebang Banger Music Hour

From the opening heavy bass line, 
you know this song means business.

This tune explodes when the drums
and guitars join the mix.  Bringing a
grove that intoxicates the senses.  

But just when you expect the vocals

to smash you in the face, the
music transitions to a softer, yet 
darker mood.  Giving Jennifer's 
vocals the room to expand on the
vibe.  As the song progresses her
voice carries you through all
the emotional peaks of this
heavy groove rocker.

Well produced and tight as hell.
This song is heavy enough to keep the
metalheads happy.  While enticing the
more commercial rock listeners to
jam along.
Jennifer Benson: Vocals
Jose Jimenez: Guitar
Ian Sabastian: Bass Guitar
Ben Silverman: Drums
Doug Podell
Presenting the Rockin' The D Award

Doug Podell is from Detroit and proud of it. 
While he has spent time in a couple of other 
markets, the majority of his time in radio has
been spent in his hometown.

In 1975, his first radio gig was doing 
weekends for Detroit rocker WABX. In 1976 he moved over to crosstown rocker WWWW to do a full time 10p to 2a shift. He eventually moved up to 6-10p which he held until the station flipped to Country in 1980.

After the W4 flip, Podell moved to Minneapolis to do the 6-10p shift and handle Music Director duties for KQRS. He was only there for exactly one year before Detroit came calling again.  He's been a Detroit staple ever since.

Interview with Luke Lang of Skyfever
Nominated for Best Alternative Rock Song & Best Male Vocalist
by John Lebang on The Banger Music Hour

Danielle Gomez
of Living Darkness
Nominated for Bass Master Award (Best Bassist)

Every Metal band needs that 
master of low end to bring the 
sound together.  

Danielle Gomez is precisely 
that for the LA band Living Darkness.  We recently
caught up with her to ask a few questions and to get a  little background on this finger picking goddess.  

Her bass playing journey began when she was 12 years old.  As she says, "Inspired by listening to Iron Maiden and other classic metal bands."  Prior to joining Living Darkness, she collaborated with different Death-rock/goth bands and played a bunch of clubs throughout Southern California.  

Banger Music Hour : 
How do you prepare for a show?

Danielle : Organization and 
time management is key. I 
make sure to have my gear 
packed and ready the night 
before a show and it’s always 
good to have all details about 
the venue in writing. I try to 
get some time to warm up before hitting the stage. 

BMH : Your most memorable stage moment?

Danielle : My old goth band opened 
for David J of Bauhaus at the Yost 
theater. All my friends and family 
came to the show and it made me 
happy seeing them in the crowd.

BMH: What's the best bass line you’ve ever heard?

Danielle : Rio bassline by Duran Duran

Aria Pro SB II, Ampeg pro neo series 
cabinet with GK fusion 550 head

Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, Al Cisneros, 
Frank Bello, John Taylor

When she's not playing music, she is creating art for video games.