PART 1 CHAPTERS...   Part 2 debuts September 1st 8pm

Chapter      Title
01               Prolog
02              Once Betrayed, Twice Shy
03              The Snap Crap Video
04              Puppy Problems
05              The Doctor Bill Show
06              Abu Let The Dog Out
​07              Air Force One Reissued
08              Prelaunch Observations
09              From Theory To Conspiracy
10               The Report Of Major Schitz
11                A Call From Ditzy
12             Godzilla Attacks Detroit
13             Operation 420
14             Bubble Bath Batman
15             Dog Gone By Mohammad
16             Batmobile
17             A 420 Landing
18             The Time To Travel
19             The Penetration 
20            Batman at Timmy Hoes
​21             Reflector Sonar Pulse
22            Bunker Plunging
23            Teleportation Belt
24            Landing Strippers
25            Batman Assemble  
26            The Great Escaped Escape
27            Into The Time Void 
28            Endgame
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The Adventures


Anyone can have an adventure.  But this time it happens to everyone.

Listen below
​Cast of Characters
John Lebang
Wilbert Hillbillie
Abu Mortoodi
Captain Rainbow
Nerdi Macgeek
Darth Knight
The Donald
Ditzy Stuper
Computer Lady
Mohammad Mortoodi
Boris Killomov
Boobi Mortoodi

George Looney as Batman
Doctor Strange Love
Dong Won
Loco Maverick
Arnold Terminator
Jean Claude Van Damme
Jar Jar Hulks
Mr. Fabulous
Mayor Reel SkumBag (Detroit Mayor)

Also Starring
Mike Peter as Doctor Bill
Angie Miller as Bigaz Mama Ruff
Savvy Schmidt as Luscious Diamondz
Tricia Downey as Major Runea Schitz
Robert Bruce as Host of America's Got Idiots
Wayne S. Pierce as Professor Yafoolagist Hokes
Keith Samland as George Boring
Dess as Dorothy Phoophoo
Paul Farrar as The Reverend
Mike Scott as officer Roger
​Marques White as Captain Willy Myth
Kevin Holly as Begar Slim
Jim E Gee as General Swollen Bowel
Brian Renaud as Sargent Att Armzs
Jay Bird as Corporal Max Punishment
Josh Coutts as Private Neudt Dancer
Woz as Private Dick Liquer
Phil Marshall as Secret Service Agent Smith

More characters to be announced.

Primary recording has begun

John Lebang

April 21 2019
Rating : PG-13
Length : 60 Minutes