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Donald & The Twittering Ding Dongs
Donald & The Twittering Ding Dongs

The world is in chaos and only the Donald can tweet about it.   
​Cast of Characters
The Donald as Himself
Dizty Stuper as Herself
Shady as Himself
Kim Ding Dong as Himself
John Lebang as Himself
Abu Mortoodi as Himself
Wilbert Hillbillie as Himself
Leroy as Himself
Captain Rainbow as Himself
Dark Knight as Himself
Moe Homid Arab as Himself
Vlad Poopin as Himself

Written, Directed & Produced by
John Lebang

June 1, 2018 - September 1, 2018
Rating : PG13
Length : 60 minutes

Comedic Satire