Lea was kind enough to answer a few questions for us

Banger Music Hour : 
How do you prepare for a show?

LEA : I like to take my time
crafting our set for the night.
It is so key to a great live show!
 Taking the audience on a
journey with you creates
 a real atmosphere.
Interview with Limberlost
Nominated for Best Rock Song & Best Female Vocalist
by John Lebang           The Banger Music Hour

Good Man Richard by Redeye Caravan
Nominated for Best Music Video
Overview by Derek Shelmerdine Rock'n'Roll Unravelled
Review by John Lebang Banger Music Hour

"This is an animated video.  It's very grainy and 
septa like feel about it.  There's a ghostly band 
and a grim reaper behind every corner
Derek Shelmerdine

One of the most interesting selections
in this year's awards.

They describe themselves as
dark country and that's exactly 
what they are.

This tune quickly became a favorite of
 the Banger Music Hour with it's dark
 and moody feel that would normally be associated with Metal.
BMH: Do you have a most memorable
stage moment?

LEA : Opening for Kaleo to a
 packed out venue! 

BMH: What are your top
​3 Favorite Bands?

LEA: Third Eye Blind
Rival Sons

Gretsch Catalina Maple kit
Zildjian cymbals
Alien Ears in-ear monitors
Rolls personal monitor mixers
JANUARY 16, 2021 7PM ET
VOLUME 5 [JANUARY 4, 2021]
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Scott Mercado
of Candlebox
Presenting the King Of The Throne Award

The original drummer of 
Sky Cries Mary and 
co-founder of the Seattle 
rock group Candlebox. 

He has also performed with
Johnny Graham, Living 
Colour, and most recently, Brandi Carlile. Known for his unique blend of jazz drumming elements into rock and roll and use of the Open-handed drumming technique. 

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Scott Roby of Prowess

BMH : Favorite Song To Play?

LEA :  I adore performing our song "Bad". It is just this nasty, groovy blues vibe that I get right into. Lots of fun fills

BMH: If you were a super villain what would be your name and superpower?

LEA: Haha. Dr. Beats. When the beat comes in, everyone starts dancing and gets distracted from whatever they're doing. Diabolical, I know! 

BMH: What inspired you to be a musician?

LEA: Totally my dad. He has been a musician my whole life. When I was a teenager, he got our family a drum set for Christmas. I haven't looked back since!

Lea Campbell
of WD Han
Nominated for King Of The Throne (Best Drummer)

She's been playing drums and 
writing music for more than half 
her life, and loves to leave 
everything out on the stage every
time she performs. When she's 
not performing, she takes a lot of 
pride in being a big part of the songwriting and arrangement for her band.