BMH: Do you have a most memorable
stage moment?

SCOTT : Falling off the stage in 
front of 1000 people supporting
Skid Row

BMH:​If you were a supervillain, 
what would be your name and superpower?

SCOTT: My name would be
Earache, and I would make
people's heads explode with
maximum riffage. 

"Stella is my go-to guitar.  She is 
a 2003 Gibson SG Supreme. My 
amp is a Marshall Plexi clone 
built by Richard Hummel. 
I don't use pedals or effects."

BMH: Best Guitar Riff you've ever heard?

SCOTT: Tough call! AC/DC's Back in Black is probably the best pure riff in my view. But between Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Skynyrd and AC/DC I could probably name 50 that I like more. 

BMH : Favorite Song To Play?

SCOTT : Depends on the night, 
but typically Blacktop Therapy.
It's a rocking tune with all my favorite elements. 

Scott took time out of his 
busy schedule to answer a 
few questions for us.​

Banger Music Hour : 
How do you prepare for a show?

SCOTT : Usually I try to 
ignore my anxiety in the
 hours staying busy. Always 
making sure things are ready to go, reviewing the set, talking with the band or the crew about how to properly execute, just focusing on the details. Right before the show, I always find a few moments to myself to collect my thoughts and calm my nerves. 

Scott Roby
of Prowess
Nominated for Guitar Hero Award (Best Guitarist)

An American musician and 
artist.  He is most known for 
his work in Pröwess as a 
guitarist and songwriter, 
but he is also an accomplished
 graphic designer, music and 
video producer, and entrepreneur. Born just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, his steel town upbringing in the Ohio River valley has always been a part of his character. Being raised without a father in a very poor region of the country, he has always found his own way and carved his own path. As the oldest of five siblings he is a natural born leader, a skill which he uses to guide Pröwess. 
JANUARY 16, 2021 7PM ET
VOLUME 3 [DECEMBER 30, 2020]
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Burn The Vision by Amongst Liars
Nominated for Best Music Video
Overview by Derek Shelmerdine Rock'n'Roll Unravelled
Review by John Lebang Banger Music Hour

"There's a rather unsavory couch potato 
character watching TV.  The band is 
playing in the living room and the news 
feed on the TV is singing along with the 
band." - Derek Shelmerdine

This tune has a chunky guitar riff that
is infectious and causes one to
bounce their head.

Once the vocals kick in, it lays back
into the bass and drums driving the groove.   As the rhythm changes into the bridge, the vocals really take center stage.  Setting up a short but sweet chorus, that leaves you wanting more.​

Extremely well produced and well rounded.
This song keeps your attention and has you
singing along in no time.   A great nomination
for the Best Music Video Award.
Ian George 
Leo Burdett
Ross Towner
Adam Oarton
Doug Aldrich
of The Dead Daisies
Presenting the Guitar Hero Award

Doug Aldrich (born February 19, 1964) 
is a Los Angeles-based hard rock
guitarist. He founded the band 
Burning Rain with Keith St. John in 
1998 and has played previously with 
the bands Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, 
Hurricane, House of Lords, Bad 
Moon Rising and Revolution Saints. 

He is currently in the band The Dead Daisies. He has also released several solo albums. In 2015, Doug was touring as guitar player of former Deep Purple bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes band. In early 2016 it was announced that he would be replacing Richard Fortus as guitarist of The Dead Daisies.

Interview with Cybil & The Beast
Nominated for Rockin' The D Award
by John Lebang on The Banger Music Hour

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