BMH: What inspired you to become a musician?

STU: About 5 years ago a good friend of mine Ben Greenhalgh who is the rhythm guitarist in our band showed me some of his music. I was totally taken aback by how good it was, although I never saw myself as a performer it wasn’t long before I was learning the bass and coming up with funky grooves to fit the songs. Mainly to answer the question I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself……to become great man
BMH: Most Underrated Artist?

STU: The kinks, no one mentions them anymore, although probably had their day and their fair share of poontang, I still love them.

Suave Martrys
Nominated for Best Alternative Rock Song & Bass Master Award [Best Bassist]

With the line-up 
completed in early-2019 
Suave Martyrs have 
quickly built a reputation
 as one of the most
 exciting acts coming out
 of Manchester.

BMH: What inspired you to be a musician?

GREG: Oddly enough it was Gene Simmons from KISS....first time I saw something from him as a kid with the look, the fire, the blood....I said that's want I want to do !
Greg gave us a few minutes of time to answer a few questions.

Banger Music Hour : 
How do you prepare for a show?

GREG: Drink a lot of water for 12
 to 24 hours prior to show to keep
 vocals hydrated. Prior to show, 
I drink a cup of Throat Coat hot
 tea......and then I do some vocal 
warm up exercises while 
driving to the show
BMH: Do you have a most memorable stage moment?

GREG : Doing a cover of Ain't Talkin Bout Love with my old band Treynrek, and a streaker comes running up in front of us out of nowhere.....and it was caught on video so I think the video still exists on YouTube (a scary and hilarious moment)

JANUARY 16, 2021 7PM ET
VOLUME 6 [JANUARY 6, 2021]
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Lea Campbell of WD Han

BMH: If you were a super villain
 what would be your name and 

GREG: Hmmm....not 
sure about a good villain
 name, but definitely 
would be X-ray vision 
(as long as I could 
control what I see cuz I am sure there would be lots I wouldn't want to see lol)

BMH: Influences?
GREG: #1 is J.R. Richards, his music has had a profound affect on my life for the last 25 years. Next I would say Dave Grohl/Foo FIghters, Michael Hutchence/INXS, Bono/U2, Billy Idol, Lou Gramm, Depeche Mode, STP
Stu Maxwell, bassist of Suave Martyrs was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.  

Banger Music Hour : 
What's your favorite song to play?

STU: Our first demo we recorded
 Man About Town, its about the
 good sensations felt after going
 through adversity. Relief, joy and
 pride I sense from this song 
which makes me feel warm 
inside with its funky riff and its
 jazzy outro, really gets me in the 

BMH: What's the best bass line you've ever heard?

STU : It’s a tough one, I like different basslines for different reasons although the magnificent seven by the clash is probably the most iconic for me.  
BMH: If you were a super villain what would be your name and superpower?

STU: Mad Max, with the power to make you laugh so much you pissed out your organs.
Derek Shelmerdine
Presenting the Best Music Video Award

Growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, the dawn of youth culture. In the mid-1960s He took up drumming and formed Cleo’s Mood. They played mostly around the Liverpool, Chester and North Wales area. Consequently, after a Saturday night gig, they would sometimes be able to make the second half of the all-nighter at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.
Greg Paddock
of Paddock
Nominated for Rockin The D Award (Best Song by Detroit Band)

Entertaining Detroit area audiences for 
several years fronting various rock bands.

He now brings the emotion, and power of 
his experiences to his original music 

Produced by award winning singer/songwriter J.R. Richards (original Dishwalla singer/songwriter), and accompanied by DIME graduate - guitarist Ryan Harrison.  In March 2020, Paddock released his debut EP-Cotswold, which was recorded in Oxfordshire, England.

You can catch Paddock performing live throughout the region with his band Paddock, as well as his Sugartips acoustic duo shows with Harrison.